TRIPLE 4 admission qualification

・ TRIPLE 4 is a society where each member has a FACEBOOK (registration by a real name).

・ Can become friendly and harmonious with other persons. We promote Respect as an ethical value.

About site publishment.
・ Your real name will be published.

・ The test score used for admission will (also) be published.

Naoki Kouda
Paul Cooijmans

Robert Lato

Jonathan Wai

Ivan Ivec
Jason Betts

Mislav Predavec

Iakovos Koukas

Theodosis Prousalis

※Timed tests are not accepted..

​※Only 1st and 2nd attempts are accepted. 

Admission procedure

・ Fill in the necessary information in CONTACT page.

・ Officer (Naoki Kouda) sends an e-mail back to you. 

"Triple 4 society" requires only the payment of the one-off lifetime membership fee (€10)  (which includes the membership application fees).There are no annually recurring membership fees.

The listing fee to the Double 4 list is 5 €.